© Photo by Johannes Wiehn

Jari Männistö | Sculptor


Years ago as a young man, Jari Männistö (born 1965) was working as an ordnance officer at the Finnish army. The door to his workroom in the garrison area was always locked. This made his colleagues curious and finally they decided to find out what Jari was hiding in his workroom. Once they managed to break in to the room they made an astonishing discovery: Inside was a full-size horse figure made out of wire. Impressed by they saw, his fellow officers suggested that Jari should consider changing his career and become a full-time artist.

Following the advice of his army colleagues, Jari went to study at the Wetterhof art and craft college in Hämeenlinna Finland and graduated as a glass artisan. As a free artist Jari has been working with a large variety of materials such as glass, granite, bronze, copper etc. Today, he is probably best known for his woodworks. Therefore, Jari has been given a nickname "Klapi" (a street word for chopped wood). Jari can also skillfully combine video material with his works.

Jari has exceptionally good organizational skills. That may be a legacy from his time at the army. Even in most complicated situations he can come up with a creative solution in few seconds. Although Jari was born in the province of Häme in Finland, where people are known for being slow, timid and shy, he is extremely social, open and friendly. That’s why Jari enjoys a great respect and popularity among his colleagues and he is constantly invited to participate in various projects.

Jari’s home town Renko is known as a birthplace of creative insanity. His works always surprise in a positive way and they put people in a good mood. An additional factor to his creative skills is his endless curiosity. He is interested in everything that he comes across. That is why his works always have a combination of humor and intellectual thinking.

Ilkka Väätti
Ph.D Arts